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STEAM Team Member Snags 3rd Place in Maglev Competition

Bridgehampton’s STEAM Team thumbnail256489
Bridgehampton’s STEAM Team thumbnail256490

Bridgehampton’s STEAM Team competed in the 2024 Maglev Competition hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory that tested vehicles propelled using magnetic levitation. There were over 150 students in grades 5-8 who participated in the competition. Students were awarded based on different speed and appearance categories. In the competition, students had to learn about maglev technology and use math, science and technology principles to optimize the design of a maglev vehicle.

Our very own fifth grader Stella Acton-Bond won third place in the appearance category for her 3D-printed maglev vehicle. Fantastic job to all our Bridgehampton students!

Date Added: 3/20/2024