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Pi Day Celebrations

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Happy 3.14 to all who celebrate; we sure did! As part of our annual celebrations, sixth grade teacher Julianna Pronesti held a competition in her classroom: whoever could memorize and recite the most digits of pi would get the chance to “pie” her in the face. This year, sixth grader Zoe Urgiles memorized 100 digits of pi, the most any sixth grader has memorized. A big shoutout to our lovely Ms. Pronesti for doing this in front of our big crowd of students.

The rest of the school also celebrated. Students in College Statistics, a co-enrollment course partnered with Suffolk County Community College, took a trip around the school to find circles. Using a variety of tools, they recorded estimations for the diameter and circumference of these circles into a list array. Using linear regression and technology, students created a least-squares regression model and analyzed its appropriate use in this case, finding that the relationship is indeed linear no matter the size of the circle with confidence.

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Date Added: 3/15/2024