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Kindergarten Students Adopt a Cow

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Bridgehampton School kindergarten students are participating in Discover Dairy’s “Adopt a Cow” program in their classroom. The year-long engaging program began for them when they received a photo and description of their adorable baby calf who is from the Hudson Valley’s Dutch Hollow Farm. The adopted calf was born on Oct. 6 and currently weighs 60 lbs. Mr. Nathan Chittenden, who the students refer to as Farmer Nate, has asked the class to come up with a name that begins with the letter C for the calf, since her mother is named Cannoli.

Teachers Ms. Gabrielle Lemon and Ms. Caitlin Hansen are encouraging students to practice their writing skills and will send the name suggestions to the farm while continuing to work on related lessons and updates on the calf’s growth and progress.