Bridgehampton Families,

I hope all is well and you are enjoying this beautiful summer weather. While our students have been away, our Re-Entry Task Force Committee, consisting of parents, teachers, and staff members have been extremely busy preparing a plan for a safe reopening of schools. We want to thank our school community for responding to the district Reopening Survey.

Recently, the New York State Education Department released guidance which dictated much of our plan. In addition, frequent updates and discussions have followed that have further guided our decisions. The Governor will make his final determination if schools will be allowed to open in the fall by August, 7th. Based on guidance from NYSED, we have developed our Bridgehampton Recovering, Rebuilding, and Renewing District Plan.

If the direction from the governor’s office is that students may return to school, we will adopt a Full In-Person model for our Kindergarten-6th grade students where students will be split into two separate sections/cohorts. Students in Pre-kindergarten & 7th-12th grade will continue on distance learning. Although students in 7th-12th grade will be on Distance Learning, they will be required to attend school two hours per day on Tuesday and Thursday utilizing outdoor learning spaces. Teachers will be available for social/emotional support and academic support.

Given the adjustments to create small class sizes and modifications to classroom design, we feel confident that with adherence to strict sanitizing and social-distancing protocols and procedures, we can provide a safe environment for our staff and students.

If the direction from the governor’s office is that students may not return to school, our district will adopt a distance learning model for grades district-wide.

Specific details regarding our district plans, as well as the established protocols and procedures, are outlined in the plan that follows.

Reopening Plan 2020.pdf 

The plan created is a credit to the partnership we have with all stakeholders. It requires a continued commitment to supporting one another and honoring the efforts of our educators and staff members. They have, and will continue to, adjust their practice to ensure that both in-person and distance learning can be as safe and effective as possible under the circumstances.

The health and safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance and will require on-going communication, collaboration, and patience from all of us. While we know we still have challenges ahead and many unknowns, let’s continue to practice social distancing and adhering to the recommended health and safety protocols outlined by the CDC.

Please view the reopening presentation to the Board of Education and community on July 29th. Please note, this plan is subject to changes depending on guidance from the state and approval of our outdoor learning spaces. 

In the near future, our district will provide a virtual community forum, when a date is solidified, we will reach out to the community.

As always, we have put our children first and hope you recognize this in the plan that follows. We remain positive and dedicated to your children and your family. We cannot wait to see you in September!


Michael Miller

Principal/Director of Physical Education

Bridgehampton UFSD

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