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Freshman Places in Code-A-Thon

Freshman Places in Code-A-Thon photo thumbnail180324
Congratulations to freshman Max Gomberg who participated in the 6th Annual 2021 Code-A-Thon where his team placed first for Level 2 of the competition. Students built a conceptual business that supports the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Together, they integrated technology and developed a website that offered a solution to a problem facing society. All students learned to utilize Microsoft Teams as part of the program’s online experience. As a Level 2 participant Max learned to code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He and his teammates also learned to utilize industry platforms to build websites, including Github and Azure DevOps, to store projects for portfolio development.

The program’s partnerships between The Bridgehampton Child Care and Recreational Center and We Connect The Dots, a nonprofit organization that affords students the ability to experience career opportunities and determine the right path for continued education. The program is about getting students out of their comfort zones to learn 21st-century workforce skills. Competing in diverse teams, students work to explore global issues and create a functional website that offers a solution to society. This program is not just about learning to code, it is about learning to work in teams, solve complex problems, cross collaborate, synthesize information and, most importantly, meet new friends and have fun learning.