We are planning a 50th reunion for the Class of 1971 at the Class of 2021 Graduation on June 19th! If you graduated from Bridgehampton High School in 1971 or know someone who did, please get in touch!

Class of 1971

 Joseph John Brennan     Sandra E. Jones
 Frances Charlene Dance    Edward Marcel Kosinski
 Evelyn Annette Davis    Wendy Ann Lowe
 Gregory David Gough    Betsy Rogers Ludlow
 Celestine M. Gramby    David John McHugh
 Irene Elizabeth Guyer    Charlene Marie Musnicki
 Steven Smith Halsey    Timothy Richard Sieger
 Margaret Hand    Carol Ann Squires
 Deborah Gail Hildreth    Carrie Merrall Thayer
 Leonard Aubrey Hopson    Shirley Teresa Wyche


Please contact the Guidance Department
Email: bpalermo@bridgehamptonschool.com or call: 631-998-1325