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Grateful for our Community Connections

Grateful for our Community Connections photo thumbnail110962
The Bridgehampton School community continues to develop deep connections with the Southampton Town Police Department. The events and visits are not only opportunities for students to learn about careers in the police force but how a community functions with the services and assistance of local law enforcement.

The district commends the services of police officer Eugene LaFurno through the School Resource Officer program and Lt. Susan Ralph for her motivating contributions to the students.

“When he is not on patrol, Officer LaFurno is a welcome fixture in our school district,” Principal Michael Miller said. “He has read to our students, assisted with ensuring a student did not drop out of school and helped students and parents with crises at home. Lt. Ralph has introduced our students to the Law Enforcement Career Exploring Program, which offers leadership skills, lessons in law enforcement protocols, and opportunities to participate in various community-related activities. We are grateful to both of them for being role models for our students.”

Officer LaFurno also organized guest speaker Milton Creagh for three separate presentations for the elementary school, middle and high school. A renowned author, motivational speaker and television personality, Mr. Creagh’s message to the students were powerful, inspiring words of encouragement as to how to balance school work with other life demands.