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Student Council Fundraiser Success!

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The Bridgehampton Elementary Student Council held a dance marathon that had everyone swinging and swaying to the music.

Organized by reading teacher Mrs. Ozsu, who is the Elementary Student Council coordinator, the event raised $118 to help fund the club. Students had their hands stamped with a smiley face as they entered and were greeted by Council members. They were able to buy refreshments and enjoyed a place to lounge with bean bag chairs. The gym was decorated with disco balls and a large banner and a list of all the generous donors.

The students started the dance with a warm-up, then a group dance led by volunteer fitness trainer Sabrina Manglaviti, who really had the students moving!

According to Ms. Ozsu, the dance then proceeded with an independent dance competition. Thanks to our volunteer judges Ms. Bagshaw, Ms.Guastella, Mr.Liberatore, Mr.Barker, Ms.Keenan and Ms. Mentuck, who all had a difficult time choosing a winner. They decided to have a dance off between Destiny Parker and Finn Alversa, who both were declared winners!

Congratulations also to Destiny Parker for most creative, Felipa Garcia for Last One Standing and Luca Hope, Kate Vinski, Asucena Dominguez-Ramos and Finn Alversa for
Most Enthusiastic Dancers!