Bridgehampton Benevolence Reaches The Bahamas

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More than 1,110 miles from the Bridgehampton School is the small country of The Bahamas that the world knows was ravaged by Hurricane Dorian in late August. When Bridgehampton High School junior Miles Clark heard the news of the storm, he set into action a plan of compassion when he spearheaded a clothing drive to help those affected by the most powerful and devastating storm known to ever hit the islands.

Miles’ project has been met with much enthusiasm in the Bridgehampton School and community. He will personally deliver five boxes of clothing, shoes, flip flops, hats and other summer clothing on an upcoming humanitarian trip to the region with his family.

“This gesture points to the goodness of people in our school community,” Principal Mike Miller said. “We all commend Miles, his family and the many other families and community members who’ve generously helped by putting others before themselves.”