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Dear Bridgehampton families,

As we enter the month of August, we hope you are enjoying a summer of exploration, relaxation and education with your family.

As many parents know, there are so many gains to reading over the summer vacation: improved academic performance, an advanced vocabulary and progress in spelling and writing when children return to classes in September.

Below are two links to help develop and continue to build stronger readers.

This one is for free access to digital books:

and there is still time to get in on the fun (and an ice cream social at the end of the month!) at the Hampton Library:

We also invite you to send us photos of your children reading in their favorite summer spots throughout August, which we will post to our Facebook page. Photos can be sent to:

Thank you for helping us continue to build a better Bridgehampton community of readers and engaging our Bridgehampton families in a powerful, positive experience. We wish you an enjoyable remainder of summer and encourage you to share with your children the joys of reading – let the pages take them to new places of inspiration, knowledge, advanced investigative skills and pure pleasure.

All my best,

Mr. Michael Miller