Giblyn reopened for regular school sessions on Monday, Dec. 10, following nearly six weeks of careful remediation in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.
Students arriving on foot, by car and by school bus were greeted by a fanfare of applause and cheers outside the building leading to a welcoming arch of red and white balloons at the main entrance. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kishore Kuncham, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Dr. Mary Bediako and School Board President Debra Mulé were among the greeters who lined the school steps.
The children had last seen their beloved school in late October. During their time away students were welcomed guests at Archer Street, New Visions and Bayview Avenue, the other three elementary schools in Freeport.     
“Sandy knocked us down, but we are back again. We are stronger than Sandy. The real heroes are you and your parents,” said Giblyn Principal Amanda Muldowney during a planned pep rally in the hallways. The district construction crew, custodial staff and teachers were recognized for their hard work in thoroughly readying the building for classes after the devastating storm.
As a show of unity, the students sentimentally sang the holiday standard “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” and an original song before heading for their cleaned and readied classrooms.