Dear Bridgehampton Families,

The district was recently informed of the “Momo Challenge,” a viral challenge spreading through social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp. As you may have heard in recent news reports, Momo is said to be aimed at children and teens, encouraging them to engage in serious and dangerous behaviors that include harming themselves and others.

According to the reports, the challenges vary but are said to escalate over time. The computer-generated “Momo” makes threats to harm the user’s family or friends if the user does not comply or reports the challenge to an adult, and ultimately challenges the user to take his or her own life.

While we have not had any reports of a Bridgehampton student engaging in such a challenge, and while investigative reports are beginning to question the validity of Momo, the district feels it is imperative to bring this matter to your attention. As a school district, we strive to teach students to treat others with kindness, decency and respect, as well as reinforce the importance of using technology responsibly.

While Momo is the topic of conversation today, it does not exist in isolation. As such, I encourage you to speak with your child(ren) about the topic and use this opportunity to discuss the safe and prudent use of technology in general. It is important that students are reminded to not contact or respond to strangers online, as well as for parents to review the privacy settings on the devices and applications that their children are using.

To aid you in these conversations, a copy of the “Seven Steps to Good Digital Parenting,” as provided by the Family Online Safety Institute, is attached. Please know, that as a district we will also continue to educate our students on the ways to remain safe online and properly use technology.

Should you have any questions or need assistance regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact principal Michael Miller at 631-998-1300 x1399 or

As always, the safety of our students is our district’s top priority.