Perseverance & Positive Attitudes Shared

Perseverance & Positive Attitudes Shared photo thumbnail106598

Professional motivational speaker Rohan Murphy was a welcomed guest at the Bridgehampton School recently.

Mr. Murphy shared his life story – being born with a physical disability to becoming a star wrestler for East Islip High School and an exceptional athlete and graduate of an Ivy League university. His positive attitude and work to overcome many challenges in his life were powered by his motivation and perseverance.

The schoolwide assembly was attended by students of all grade level as well as educators and administrators. In addition to his talk and a question and answer period, he shared some of his winning wrestling moves with students to much applause. He also toured the school after his speech.

“Rohan went to almost every class after the presentation; the kids loved him,” school counselor Ryan Barker said. “He continued to have great conversations about goals, his experiences, and how happiness is a choice we can wake up to every day.”