Demonstrating Student Excellence

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Congratulations to National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society members for their hard work in the areas of scholarship service, leadership, and character. We are pleased to recognize their efforts and thank Maria Reilly for organizing a festive luncheon to honor them.

National Honor Society members:
Aziza El – President, Autumn Coffey - Vice President, Jaden Campbell - Secretary/Treasurer, Franky Bonilla, Olivia Cassone, Julien Cheng, Jonathan DeGroot, Nat Depasquale, James Fairchild, Madeline Grabb, Laura Hagerman, Liam Huberty, Max Tiska and Elijah White.

National Junior Honor Society members:
Nava Campbell – President, Melissa Villa - Vice President, Chase Gudelauski - Secretary/Treasurer, Gylia Dryden, Ayanna El, Zoe Lucas, Kris Vinski and Scott Vinski.