Update on Meal Program

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We have been providing our students with breakfast and lunch meals at the First Baptist Church of Bridgehampton. Several of our staff have graciously volunteered their time and effort to get this program up and running. We want you to know that we are changing the program slightly. Starting on Monday, March 23, from 8am to 11am outside the First Baptist Church of Bridgehampton, we will provide our students with weekly care packages consisting of assorted breakfast and lunch food items. The food items will initially be provided by the Bridgehampton Community Food Pantry and then by our school district cafeteria vendors. After Monday, March 23, the care packages will be available at the Church on an as requested/as needed basis. We will be asking students and their families to please come to the Church to pick up their care packages if they are able to do so. If they are not able to come to the church, then we will make arrangements to deliver the care packages. We will start notifying students and parents of this new arrangement via phone message, email Newsletter, and social media. Please contact Superintendent Robert Hauser at 631-998-1398 if you need additional information or would like to request a care package be delivered.