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Empowering our Educational Community

Empowering our Educational Community photo
Four Bridgehampton students recently attended The Hampton Bays Bullying Prevention Summit. Sixth-grader Sarah Kapon, seventh-grader Helio Paucar, sixth-grader Aiyanna Spears and eighth-grader Ryeasia Walker will serve in leadership roles and help enhance awareness and provide hope and alternatives as members of the newly formed anti-bullying committee at the school. As representatives for Bridgehampton, they took part in discussions on effective bullying and cyber-bullying prevention strategies and learned skills and resources to empower them and to set a positive example for others.

Positive Performance on Anti-Bullying

Positive Performance on Anti-Bullying photo
Bridgehampton 4-8 grade students had an opportunity to see “Class Dismissed,” an original musical that addresses the issue of bullying in schools during the nationally recognized Bullying Prevention Month. Actors from Theatre Three in Port Jefferson, NY, presented the traveling performance with a focus on bullying not only in the classroom, cafeteria and other school property, they put a strong emphasis on internet bullying. They staged a range of scenarios and provided active solutions to the various issues. The performance was followed by a question-and-answer session with the students.

Engage, Experiment & Evaluate

Engage, Experiment & Evaluate photo
In their continued science studies, fifth-graders engaged both scientific and engineering practices when they created models to investigate how to find fresh water under the surface of the Earth.

Student of the Month Award Recipients!

Student of the Month Award Recipients photo
The school community congratulates each of the following student for their hard work and dedication to learning.
Kindergarten - Emma Hernandez
First grade - Indya Cherry
Second grade - Allison Pichon
Third grade -Yaredci Lalvay
Fourth grade - Christian Pinckney and Dominic Giosi
Fifth grade - Tyler Fitzgerald
Physical Education - Indya Cherry
Spanish - Brynn Lamb
Art - Lesly Tlapanco

All Eyes and Legs

All Eyes and Legs photo
The fall season brings with it a proliferation of spiders and cobwebs and Halloween is a great time for our kindergarten students to learn about and create their own paper eight-eyed and eight-legged arachnids!

A Literary Lesson

A Literary Lesson photo
Novelist and East End resident Marijane Meaker visited the Bridgehampton School community to discuss “Gentlehands,” her 1978 young adult novel featuring mystery and romance and set in the Hamptons in the 1970s. Often referred to as a literary pioneer and also known as M.E. Kerr, the author of more than 60 books shared her craft, inspiration and research ideas with Tom House’s ninth-grade students who read the book before her visit.

Hall Of Fame Dinner


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! photo
It’s pumpkin carving season in Bridgehampton! First-graders had assistance with carving their plump pumpkin treasures from Gabrielsen’s Country Farm from eighth-graders and staff members.

Modeling Scientific Behaviors

Modeling Scientific Behaviors photo
Fourth-graders continue with their scientific experimentation as they study natural hazards. In a lesson on learning to reduce the impact of naturally occurring phenomena, they used a simulation game to develop the land of a coastal city and the barriers used to protect their community. In another hands-on lesson, they created a tsunami model and tested how the energy of these powerful waves affect land when they approach.

Trio Named Baseball Champions

Trio Named Baseball Champions photo
Playing for the Town of Brookhaven’s baseball team has paid off for students Kai Alversa, Kris Vinksi and Scott Vinski as their teams won the Town’s fall championships.

Kai played for the East End Tomahawks, 11U team and Kris and Scott played for the Bonac 14U team. Congratulations to the trio and Coach Vinny Alversa on this exciting accomplishment!

A Winning Goal!

A Winning Goal photo
Congratulations to Miguel Maradiaga on his strength and determination as a member of the Bridgehampton/Pierson soccer team. A special thank you to just two of his guiding supporters - Akeem Leckie And Michael DeRosa.


Halloween photo
“Guac bats,” mummy cupcakes and candy corn brownies will be some of the tasty treats offered at the Oct. 27 Halloween dance. Students from the Advanced Nutrition and Culinary class have been experimenting and creating these and other spooky-themed fun foods for weeks.

Moving Forward

Moving Forward photo
Senior Paige Hoyt celebrates the conclusion of her fall high school athletic career as a member of the Bridgehampton/Pierson soccer team. On behalf of the entire school community, we will miss her talents on the playing field.

Lifesaving Skills

Lifesaving Skills photo
Safety and security go hand in hand in the Bridgehampton School community. A recent collaboration with the Stony Brook Trauma Center, Southampton Hospital and members of Bridgehampton’s Emergency Medical Services helped to provide our faculty and staff members with lifesaving skills to use in an emergency. As part of the nationwide “Stop the Bleed” campaign our school personnel are now trained, equipped and empowered in a bleeding emergency.

The Ball’s in Her Court

The Ball’s in Her Court photo
The Ball’s in Her Court photo 2
Bridgehampton School is pleased to congratulate Aziza El who completed her high school volleyball career this past week. Recognized as our first athlete of the week, Aziza is the co-captain of the girls varsity volleyball team. Over the summer she attended volleyball camp at Penn State along with many of her teammates in order to push her game to the next level. A strong server, Aziza also spends a majority of her time making big plays at the net. Her skills and teamwork has helped the team establish an overall record of 6-1. Her abilities and focus is helping to pave the way to bring the team back to the state level in November. We wish you all the best during the playoffs.

A Musical March

A Musical March photo
A beautiful October weekend brought many to the community for the Bridgehampton Historical Society’s annual Antique Car Rally. More than 20 vintage automobiles paraded around town before the Bridgehampton School concert band had an opportunity to shine, entertaining the crowd with a march before performing the Star-Spangled Banner to start off the 60-mile rally. Thanks to our talented student-musicians for your expert musical style!

LA Dodgers’ Pitcher Visits

LA Dodgers’ Pitcher Visits photo
Bridgehampton students in grades 4-8 were excited to meet professional baseball player Shea Spitzbarth during a visit to the fall after school baseball camp on Oct. 4 and 5. They had an opportunity to learn the skills of baseball. Spitzbarth worked along with Athletic Director Michael DeRosa and teachers Ryan Barker, Jeff Hand, Louis Liberatore, Henry Meyer and John Reilly to engage the students in all areas of the game.

The Rewards of Reading

The Rewards of Reading photo
Bridgehampton students know the importance of staying educationally active during the summer months and they were excited to return to school and be honored with a pizza party for completing their Summer Reading and Math Challenge.

Demonstrating Student Excellence

Demonstrating Student Excellence photo
Congratulations to National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society members for their hard work in the areas of scholarship service, leadership, and character. We are pleased to recognize their efforts and thank Maria Reilly for organizing a festive luncheon to honor them.

National Honor Society members:
Aziza El – President, Autumn Coffey - Vice President, Jaden Campbell - Secretary/Treasurer, Franky Bonilla, Olivia Cassone, Julien Cheng, Jonathan DeGroot, Nat Depasquale, James Fairchild, Madeline Grabb, Laura Hagerman, Liam Huberty, Max Tiska and Elijah White.

National Junior Honor Society members:
Nava Campbell – President, Melissa Villa - Vice President, Chase Gudelauski - Secretary/Treasurer, Gylia Dryden, Ayanna El, Zoe Lucas, Kris Vinski and Scott Vinski.

‘Eat Smart’ Nutrition Education

‘Eat Smart’ Nutrition Education photo
Students in Jenna Pluta’s elementary Health and Wellness class are geared up for their weekly visit with Marta Blanco, a nutritionist from Cornell Cooperative Extension. Her fun and healthy interactive lessons focus on nutritional values and activities, such as decorating clementines and creating mini “pumpkins” out of them. “Many of the students have worked with Ms. Blanco in the past so they love when she comes to visit,” said Pluta. “It is definitely an enthusiastic and welcomed visit.”

Conceptualizing Number Bonds

Conceptualizing Number Bonds photo
An inventive lesson in math had first-graders using number bonds and fun Halloween-inspired tools such as plastic spiders and eyeballs to create math stories. Their imaginations captured their short tales and their mental images taught them the important foundation for understanding how numbers work.

Killer Bees Visit “The Today Show”

Killer Bees Visit “The Today Show” photo
The Bridgehampton basketball team were welcomed to “The Today Show” at Rockefeller Center. They were invited for lunch and festivities on the concourse, and had an opportunity to meet the hosts of the show. They were in attendance with NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, who was part of the production team of “Killer Bees,” the documentary on the legendary basketball program in Bridgehampton. The students were accompanied by Principal Mike Miller.

Study of Soil Erosion

Study of Soil Erosion photo
Fourth-graders created models to observe the effects of water washing away soil on a slope. Their hands-on investigation taught them that trees help to minimize the impact by holding soil in place.

Guidance and Games

Guidance and Games photo
Students had an engaging time getting to know the school’s guidance counselors Danielle Doscher and Ryan Barker, who joined the Bridgehampton staff this year. The “Lunch Bunch” are able to enjoy a meal and play some games including the classic game of Jenga.

Gudelauski on the Green

Gudelauski on the Green photo
Eighth-grader Chase Gudelauski is a first-year golfer on the Bridgehampton/Pierson’s junior varsity golf team and the only Bridgehampton member on the team. At the Sag Harbor Golf Course’s hole No. 2, he is seen with his caddy and Bridgehampton’s Athletic Director Michael DeRosa. “Chase has improved his shot-making ability all season,” said DeRosa. The season ended in early October with the team’s record of 2-5.

Fun Fall Festivities

Fun Fall Festivities photo
Second-graders visited Hank’s Pumpkintown in Southampton where they had the opportunity to climb and play on the handmade structures. The fun also included lessons where they headed to the pumpkin patch and learned about the growth of a pumpkin as well as the important responsibilities of a farmer. They also enjoyed a narrated wagon ride through the scenic farm, followed by a venture into the pumpkin patch to pick their own pumpkins. They ended the visit exploring and enjoying the farm’s playground.

An Angel Among Us

An Angel Among Us photo
Congratulations to Mrs. Judiann Carmack-Fayyaz on being selected as a recipient of The 2018 Angel Award. This honor recognizes outstanding women of Long Island who have excelled and created a greater impact with contributions that include the areas of community, volunteerism, philanthropy and business development. She is among a select group of women leaders who rise above to help create a positive change for the families of Long Island.

Energizing Life Skills

Energizing Life Skills photo
Girls on the Run is celebrating its second year! Under the coaching leadership of Bridgehampton teacher Meredith McArdle, Bridgehampton’s third-fifth grade girls in the nationally based learning program are enhancing leadership skills, gaining confidence and learning to keep their minds and bodies healthy while having fun running together! The girls read “The Girl Who Ran,” a picture book biography of Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon despite the many obstacles in her way. They then discussed running goals and practiced words of encouragement for one another when their own running got difficult.

Retired Educators Continue to Give

Retired Educators Continue to Give photo
The Bridgehampton School Community sends a heartfelt thanks to The East End Retired Teachers Association for their gracious donation. Representing the EERTA, Robert Svoboda presented a check for $125 to district’s Student Council to help out a local family in need. In photo: Athletic Director Michael DeRosa and Principal Michael Miller flank EERTA members and students Aziza El, Jalisa Hopson and Monasia Street.

Promoting 5-A-Day through Fun!

Promoting 5-A-Day through Fun photo
As part of the district’s wellness initiative, our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program held a kickoff assembly in the elementary school. Coordinated by Hamra Ozsu and her teammate Jeff Hand, the school theme for this year is “Healthy Choices.” While the interactive show focused on fun from the performance of educator-magician Brian Richards, the message was on nutritionally, healthy choices for a well-balanced lifestyle. After the performance, students were gifted with water bottles, pens, Rubik’s cubes and other items, and encouraged to keep positive choices as a top priority.

Problems and Procedures

Problems and Procedures photo
First-grade scientists used their investigative skills to test what prevents an apple from turning brown. They sliced apples and put them in water, vinegar, lemon juice, nothing, baking soda and milk to see which worked best. According to teacher Nina Merkert, the students discovered that both milk and lemon juice worked. They were surprised that the milk worked since milk needs to be in refrigerator and they kept it on the table during the experiment.

Parachute Challenge Accepted

Parachute Challenge Accepted photo
New vocabulary words such as air resistance, revise, force, gravity and speed were part of a STEM activity for second-graders. The students were challenged to design and build a parachute that would slow down a cup as it falls to the ground. They learned that the greater the force of air resistance the slower the descent of the parachute. They also reflected on their design and discussed what worked well, what they would do differently as well as how their groups worked together.

Doggone Good Treats

Doggone Good Treats photo
Advanced Nutrition and Culinary students worked to create culinary treats for their four-legged friends. These pumpkin and peanut butter dog biscuits will be available for sale at Sprouts!

Read All About it!

For the first time in our school’s history, Bridgehampton students were featured as the Class of the Week in Newsday’s Kidsday section.

Last spring, students in Tom House’s seventh grade English class and Marie Hand’s sixth grade class worked diligently as Newsday reporters, photographers and artists, completing the research and writing that was featured in the Kidsday section from Sept. 22-27.

Among their many engaging articles and illustrations are spotlights on local places and events of interest, recipes, a trip to the amazing Dan Flavin museum, a Debbie Cakes survey, and even a feature on actress, writer and producer Candace Cameron-Bure, who was interviewed by students Dylan Fitzgerald, Scott Vinski, Alexis Davis and Kimberly Villa.

Congratulations to all our students who took part in this exciting opportunity! See the stories here:


Greenhouse Upgrade

Greenhouse Upgrade photo
Thank you to Board of Education member Douglas DeGroot and Kathryn DeGroot for their generous donation of our new cement floor for our garden goodies! Our aspiring botanists and vegetable growers now have a world-class foundation complete with drainage holes to help their plants take root.

Learning the Business of Business

Learning the Business of Business photo
The students in the high school’s Virtual Enterprises class are running the company, and acquiring the skills and drive to unleash their potential as entrepreneurs and business owners. Here they work with Principal Michael Miller and Superintendent of Schools Robert Hauser perfecting their interview skills.

Three Cheers!

Three Cheers photo
Skills, stunts and style are the name of the game for our competitive girls varsity cheerleading team. With the new signs created to share our loyalty, we invite you to come out and show your support. We’ll keep you updated as the season starts.

Successful Supermarket Navigation

Successful Supermarket Navigation photo
Not only did Jennifer Maldonado’s and Corrine Neubauer's class enjoy a recent field trip to the local King Kullen, they learned about budgeting while shopping, healthy choices when selecting food and tasty, nutritious recipes!

Scientific Inquiry

Scientific Inquiry photo
Fourth-grade students are learning about the Earth's features by testing the effects of rain on the earth’s surface and the forces that cause landforms to grow. In the experiment, they created three mounds of soil, one large, one medium in size, and one small. They poured equal amounts of water over each of the soil piles to investigate how rain affects each of these landforms.

They also drew physical maps with legends to indicate different types of hills, valleys and other landforms. They are learning how maps can change over time, as Earth’s features change from weathering and erosion of Earth's surface.

Exploring Earth’s Major Systems

Exploring Earth’s Major Systems photo
Fifth-graders are learning through exploration as they study Earth’s major systems – the biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. As they investigate how water moves through different types of soil, they are understanding how these systems interact in various ways.

Culinary Club Creations!

Culinary Club Creations photo
Sixth-eighth grade students enjoyed their first delicious after-school snack when they made “apple nachos” - apple slices topped with peanut butter, almond butter, chocolate chips and crunchy granola.

Along with Family and Consumer Science teacher and advisor to the club, Mrs. Jenna Pluta, the students have a fun environment to socialize, be creative, learn cooking skills and the importance of good nutrition. Mrs. Pluta has more healthy options planned for the club participants including apple cheddar paninis, veggie omelettes and avocado toast.

A Map Quest

A Map Quest photo
Fifth-graders are learning spatial skills as they examine the parts and purposes of maps. They’ve been discussing how maps can assist people within communities and began by exploring the Bridgehampton school community. By sketching and using sticky notes, they are learning the language of location and expanding their geography skills. They also created maps to help new students navigate the school and included a compass rose, legend and scale. Teacher Meredith McArdle hopes to have these drawings saved to compare to maps of the new school additions in the future.

A Unique Way to Connect Families

A Unique Way to Connect Families photo
A Unique Way to Connect Families photo 2
Bridgehampton welcomed parents and guardians to Back to School Night with a unique and fun project. Students created puzzles that reflected their special interests and qualities, and once they were pieced together by their parent, a smiling photo appeared along with a list of their core subjects and lessons to date. Part of the project was to let families know how the importance of their role affects the success of their child in the classroom.

Team Effort Shines!

Team Effort Shines photo
Team effort was certainly the name of the game when the Southampton/Pierson/Bridgehampton football team reclaimed the coveted Mayor’s Cup against Hampton Bays this past Friday. Best of luck on a continued great season!

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